Caitlin Hobbs

| Musician | Writer | Storyteller |

Caitlin Hobbs makes "the kind of music you can drink coffee to." (Or tea. She doesn't discriminate.)

It wasn't long after Caitlin picked up her first guitar at the ripe age of 13 that she realized that other songwriters' music- while often beautiful and poignant and meaningful- didn't usually say exactly what she wanted to say- so, with the gumption that only a 13 year old with her first guitar can muster, she decided to start writing music of her own. She formed a number of bands in her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana over the years, including the duo Kelly & Caitlin, her most successful collaboration to date. These days, she's 25 and she is branching out on her own and is in the process of recording her first EP. Her first single, "Endless Road", is currently available on Bandcamp.


Musician: Caitlin Hobbs - Facebook Page - Instagram

Photographer: Kelley Bianski -  Bella Bia Photography

Bio written by: Kelly Hull